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Business Daily:  – Corporate News |KPLC enters carbon credits trade

Business Daily:  – Corporate News |KPLC enters carbon credits trade

via Business Daily:  – Corporate News |KPLC enters carbon credits trade.

A similar plan also set to be implemented in Zambia with ZESCO


ACCE signs MOU with the African Export-Import Bank


In Cairo this week, ACCE and Afrexim agreed to the signing of an MOU marking the beginning of a programme activities that will promote carbon finance and climate issues throughout the Africa continent.    Afrexim is a major continental bank and this parntership is of great significance, demonstrating as it does, their faith in the work of both ACCE and GKI. Included in the programme of activities will be support for the upcoming SADC DNA Conference as well as future training course trans-continentally.  Afrexim has also been an active advisor in setting up ACCE’s carbon trading platform that will be based in Zambia, but operational throughout Africa.

Afrexim is based in Cairo as well as having offices in Harare and Abuja. It is an active proponent of corporate social responsibility.

BBC Article Response: Is Kenya’s Carbon Trading Platform the First?

It is good news to hear through the BBC that there are plans to launch an exchange in Kenya, however it must be noted that it is not the first of its kind on the continent.

However, the Africa Carbon Credit Exchange (ACCE)conceived its own trading platform here in Zambia in 2008. ACCE is currently working with the support of the Zambian government, USAID PROFIT and a number of international and national partners as well as a group of international consultants to develop a transparent and effective structure.

It should also be noted that these platforms will only succeed if there is a sufficient flow of carbon credits on the continent and this is where Africa is still falling behind. ACCE has addressed this by creating the Green Knowledge Institute (theGKI) and are working on a number of carbon projects as well as a DNA conference that will help push this forward.

Whilst all Africans should be proud that Kenya is being acknowledged for such important work, the article however failed to highlight how much preparation is required to promote carbon finance in Africa where it claims less than 10% of the world market.

ACCE/GKI is currently drafting a statement that will be sent to the BBC to this effect.