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Q&A: Cancún COP16 climate talks | Environment | guardian.co.uk



Q&A: Cancún COP16 climate talks | Environment | guardian.co.uk

via Q&A: Cancún COP16 climate talks | Environment | guardian.co.uk.


Update on GKI’s Activities

GKI’s main focus at the moment is our SADC DNA conference which will take place in February. This conference will be a key event for CDM in Africa as it takes place soon after COP 16.  This conference will for the first time bring together DNAs from all 14 SADC countries to strategise, discuss their evolving role and plan for COP 17 in South Africa next year. More will be posted on the conference soon.

Aside from the conference we are also planning more training sessions, with one for ZIPAR completed a week ago and a new session scheduled for Ecobank. We are also pleased to have been invited to a seminar being held by Afrexim bank in Cairo at the end of the month where we will give a presentation on ACCE and GKI.

General Week Round Up

It’s been a busy week here at GKI.  Aside from the usual meetings we are happy to be well on the way to launching our new Foundation Course for Financiers as well as designing our new e/distance learning package.   Next week this blog will be dedicated to the topic of conservation agriculture and agroforestry as well as the second part of advice for non-profits using online methods for marketing and promotion.